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TDW: Shard event New Years Ball by GoukaRyuujin TDW: Shard event New Years Ball by GoukaRyuujin
Added all of my spiffy detail layers and a story. :iconheeplz:

In minutes the ball had gone from quiet to a flurry of digimon and violence, Anna and Narumon simply made a break for an exit as soon as they saw a clear path, knowing that they couldn't do much but get in the way of the other tamers with so many high level digimon about.
Slamming through the door, Anna quickly turns as she hears a yell from behind her, and unfortunately for her, one of the starmon had decided she looked like a good target. Leaving her with barely enough time to yell for her partner to run and dive out of the way as the starmon blew through the door with its meteor squall.
Running at this point, Anna had ditched her heels without a second thought as she ran the situation through her head a few times before she looked over her shoulder to Narumon.

"I need a pipe or something, can you find one?"
Narumon grins. "I didn't know you were into-"
"Not the time!" Anna yells as she ducks forwards to avoid another meteor squall from the starmon that was in hot pursuit.

Without another word Narumon darts off into the air and falling snow, heading for one of the roof mounted air conditioners that it was never allowed to play with. Once there Narumon goes about removing a three foot length of pipe before rushing back to about where Anna had last been, the situation overriding its desire to revel in the act of vandalism.

Anna sprints around a wall, almost slipping from her socks on the snow in her hurry. Taking the moment to regain her balance, she hears a familiar metallic shout of "Catch!" before looking up to see Narumon tossing her the pipe she had requested.

Catching the piece of metal, she uses the momentum to spin around and start running back to the corner of the building, but not before shouting over her shoulder to her partner "Fallow my lead!" To which Narumon could only grin to in response as it descended from the air.

As the starmon skidded around the corner, Anna was already wound up into an overhead slash, and instantly introduced to starmon to her good friend blunt force trauma. Narumon takes the opportunity to circle around its foe and toss a data buster into its back.

Having fallen onto its back, the starmon blinks off its daze before jumping forwards onto its feet, delivering a swift punch into Anna's stomach as she tries to dodge to the side. It then quickly turns and delivers a star upper to Narumon, sending it tumbling away as it turns back to Anna.

Barely having regained her breath, Anna looks up to see the starmon rush forwards, and grabbing her by the thought before she has time to respond.

The world slowly greying out around her, all she can silently think to herself as her grasp on consciousnesses slowly fades is what she could have done... better... She feels a slight warmth from her pocket, and gladly clinging to it with her hand as it quickly lost its strength, enjoying the sensation as her asphyxiated brain could barely process a bright light from the corner of her vision before she completely passed out.

Not even bothering to push itself up, Mayumon shoots across the snow , its four digizoid plates and armor releasing a screaming as they ground against the snow covered cement as it let out a roar of rage, having reached the starmon as it turned towards the noise, the limp Anna still in its grasp. Almost instantaneously, Mayumon's plates sank through the starmon's armor, and carrying it with it as it dropped Anna Mayumon pins its adversary to a wall, its plates having sank through the cement wall.

The damaged starmon can only react with terror as the Mayumon begins to pull its plates apart, ripping through its physical being and its very data as they began to glow red. Furthermore, the Mayumon's face begins to split open, revealing the swirling purple chaos that the digimon was comprised of, and with that image scarred into its mind, the starmon simply closed its eyes and hoped to have the chance to awaken in the primary village once more.
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